Stasis Theory


My main topic in my blog revolves around organic foods. I have been talking about the main question of are organic foods healthier than non-organic foods. But for this blog post six; I am going to get more in depth of the topic organic foods. I am going to try and find a question that I want to focus on for the rest of the semester. So, by the end of the semester I will be able to write my essay about this topic.

This topic of organic food matter because this has been a topic of controversy lately. Many people think that organic foods are better for your health but do not know how or the facts behind why. Once they know the facts then it is easier to explain why or why not organic foods are healthier. It makes sense because knowing just a little information regarding organic foods; you can always help people wondering about the topic. You may not necessarily care for the topic but being knowledgeable towards the topic can bring you a long way.


Fact or Conjecture: Does it exist? Did it happen?

  • Are times changing, do people think organic foods are more appealing to the eye rather than non-organic foods?
  • Just because organic foods give the impression of healthy living, does that make the body want it more?
  • Where did organic foods come from?
  • Who/what started organic foods?

Definition: How can the act or event be defined?

  • Can organic foods be the same as non-organic foods?
  • What exactly are organic foods?
  • What components are in organic foods that make it different from non-organic foods?

Quality: How can the act or event be defined?

  • Are organic foods good for you?
  • Are organic foods bad for you?
  • If we stopped having organic foods in the states, would it make a difference?
  • Which is important organic foods or non-organic foods?
  • Are organic foods healthier than non-organic foods?
  • Is there a way where people can make organic foods taste better?

Policy: What should we do?

  • Should we stop having organic foods?
  • Should we make organic foods more accessible?
  • Should we lower the prices of organic foods?
  • Will the price drop of make people buy organic foods?
  • Should we raise the prices of non-organic foods?





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