Multiple Perspectives?

For the most part traveling around the world has always been something I have wanted to do. Not just traveling to a different state/country for a week or two, I am talking long term like a couple months, or even a year. I have always been interested in travel ever since middle school. I enjoyed being outdoors, and experiencing new places that were different to me. For example, when I first went to Lake Tahoe, I enjoyed the snow so much, and become so excited when I see the mountains and the beautiful views. I found joy in all of that, and it makes me happy. Now I am here in college still feeling the exact same way and wanting to experience new places. But the only way to do that is to travel. Although, I do believe that traveling around the world will be worth it, while doing some research I found articles that kind of made me revaluate if traveling is really worth it.

In the article “Is traveling a waste of money”, the writers have a debate answering the question is traveling a waste of money. Sixty-Four percent of the poll says yes, and thirty-six say no; explaining their reasons. According to one of the writers, he/she states “Traveling is a waste of resources”. When they say that, they are talking about the amount of money spent to travel. Which made me wonder if traveling can be worth it. Money does not grow on trees, and can be very difficult to get while traveling. So, I can understand why they say it is a waste because the money can go to more important things that can help your future. Like investing, helping out family/friends in need, or even helping your community with that money. So, I can see where they are coming from because I understand that money can be very valuable.

Another writer discusses about “Self Indulgent Tourism is a Worthless Curiosity” talking about how there are two types of travel. “Tourism (Flying somewhere, taking a picture, having a beer, then flying home), and the people who “travel abroad for a long term assignment (Soaking in a culture, trying to learn different customs and languages)”. Now this can be two sides of the story because in my opinion tourism is cool but that may not be worth it if we are talking about money and time. But on the other hand traveling abroad, and soaking in other cultures is something that is worth every penny. It is difficult to think about the question is traveling worth it, when there are so many reason that make you think otherwise.


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