Is traveling worth it?!

The topic of traveling is definitely a very broad topic, and there is a lot to talk about within this topic. But everyone wants to know the basic question of, in general is traveling worth it? There are two types of people when we are talking about this question, it is very simple, the people who say, “Yes, traveling is worth it”, and others who say, “No, traveling is not worth it”. In my opinion I believe that traveling can for sure be worth it depending on your circumstances.

In the article “10 reasons why travel is a waste of time”, by Andy Jarosz (A freelance travel writer), he talks about a few reasons about why traveling is a waste of time, and the main reasons I thought that were most interesting but true were, “Travel is expensive and It’s just too much hassle”. I one hundred percent agree that traveling can be very expensive. A hundred dollars will not get you anywhere; even thousands can be hard to budget while traveling. We have to remember that you need to pay for flights, places to stay, food, activities, transportation, etc. Although, there are alternate ways that are considerably cheaper when talking about flights, transportation, places, etc, in general traveling can still be very expensive, and many people cannot afford it. Also, traveling can be such a hassle. Jarosz states, “It’s just too much hassle. Airport security, ash clouds, changing money, passports and visas; even thinking about all that’s involved is enough to cause stress. Where’s the hassle in staying home”? I can sort of relate to this quote because there is no hassle at home. When I went to Hawaii in the summer of 2015, it was very stressful, and sometimes made me wish I were home. Like when we went through airport security and we had to throw some belongings away, delayed flights, missing luggages, transportation, it was so stressful but in my opinion definitely worth the trip.

According to myself, I say that traveling is worth it if that is what you want to do in life. You cannot just say, “I am going to quit my job today because I want to travel”. You need to actually take into consideration what you are getting yourself into. My view in life is to learn and experience which is the two main reasons why I think that traveling can be worth it. You live life to learn, make yourself knowledgeable to what is around you. Learning about different cultures, and places/people around the world is definitely something. Also experiencing everything in front of you. For example, we see the wonders of the world on the Internet, and books but experiencing it first hand can be life changing. Think about it, there is a world out there; a world full of learning and experiences. But the only way to fully understand what I mean is to go out there and enjoy the big things in life, like the Great Wall of China, or even the Christ Redeemer, something different from the Golden Gate Bridge!


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