Topic Proposal


During my high school and college years I have always tried to find something that truly interests me. A hobby that can keep me interested for a while is hard to find. I have done a lot throughout my years; wrestled for high school, played instruments, basketball, video games, etc but none of them truly kept my interest. Do not get me wrong, I still love to do a lot of these things, but I cannot see myself doing these activities in the future. Something I can see myself possibly doing in the future and something that truly interests me is traveling. Many people think traveling is just a vacation going somewhere not home, but for me traveling is much more, there is so much to learn about traveling. For example, I want to learn about traveling on a budget, exotic places, the cultures in different countries, and many more. Traveling is something that I would possibly want to do as a career, although I do not know how I would do that, I will continue to learn about the art of travel and maybe one day travel as a career.

Traveling is something that brings a big smile to my face. During my summer of 2015, it was my first time riding a plane and actually traveling. I have been out of state but only to Nevada, Oregon and Arizona, which is still fairly close to California. But in the summer I went to Hawaii. From the ride to the airport, to arriving in Hawaii, I had so many butterflies realizing that I get to live in Hawaii for two weeks. During the time I was in Hawaii, I have never been happier in my life and that is a fact. I loved exploring the different places, loved the time difference, meeting some locals, the authentic Hawaiian food, it was amazing. This is just Hawaii and still considered a U.S. state. I want to travel to different countries, and live life out there. This is just another back-story why I have such an interest in this topic.

I am not a pro on the topic of travel and that is why throughout this blog series I will learn more than I would of known. But for a fact I know that traveling is not cheap. You cannot just book a plane and go somewhere around the world for a couple of dollars. I know there are not a lot of careers that let you travel for a living. There is so much to learn about this topic. Questions I may have are, what are some different ways to travel, like using cars/vans/buses, to travel across the states. Using planes to travel across the world, which flights are more affordable? Couch surfing, staying at other peoples places for a short period of time, how to do that? Backpacking, how to/what is backpacking? Where should I travel too, what should I see? Should I travel solo or in a group? What to bring when you travel? How to save for traveling/ budgeting money? How to travel with no money? How to travel for a living, possible careers for traveling? So many questions to be answered, and so much to learn about.

Now days a lot of people are traveling. There are credible sources out there that you can use; you just have to research the right information. There are many articles of experienced travelers, talking about their experience and teaching us a lot about traveling. Many blogs out there are talking about traveling. Although, you many not find a lot of academic sources that you can use, there are some out there.

Everybody is entitled to there own opinion, and there can be issues within the topic of traveling. For example, people may argue that traveling is not for everyone. People can have their own opinion about how travel costs too much, and we can spend that money on more important issues. But like I said everyone has his or her own opinion. I feel people should care about this topic because if it is not you, it may be a family member that wants to travel but does not know how. You can be a big help to them and teach them many things about traveling, that I will be writing about in this blog series.

The art of traveling is such a masterpiece, and there is so much to learn. It does not take a day to travel, you will need to work hard and dedicate yourself to travel if this is something you really want to do. Traveling is such an interesting topic, and it will always keep me interested. Although it will be a struggle to learn about everything travel related, it would be worth all the time I spent learning about traveling and educating myself on the topic.


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